Maureen Baird, Web Design and Development

As a Valek and Company team member, Maureen Baird developed the Illinois HIV Care Connect ( and Illinois Women Against Cervical Cancer ( Web sites, as well as the Valek & Co. site. She specializes in focused and effective solutions for businesses and other organizations. Kudos about her work follow:

"Maureen designed the Plumbing Manufacturers International (PMI) logo (her design was chosen after we went through 2 design firms and a round of designs from college students at Kendall College) and the PMI website. She also manages both the and sites. Maureen has a great work ethic, is easy to work with (no ego when suggestions are made and aims to please!) and is respectful of deadlines." 

Barbara C. Higgens, CEO/Executive Director, Plumbing Manufacturers International (PMI)

"Maureen and I have been working together for over a year. She has always been helpful and responsive to my needs and the needs of my organization. I can always rely on her to help me meet tight deadlines, and she always produces outstanding work.

Amanda Kluszczynski, Former Development Manager at Child Link

"Maureen is able to take a vague concept, define it, and create great graphics to bring it to life. When brainstorming ideas, she is receptive and insightful. She is graceful under pressure, and has never failed to meet a deadline - even a VERY last-minute, emergency request.

Pat Kelly Molden, Executive Chef, Kelly’s Table Restaurant

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