Branding and Communication Strategy

Your brand is your organization's face to the world -- its image and promise. It's important to carefully cultivate and manage your brand because, ultimately, its true meaning exists in the minds of your key stakeholders. To reach your goals, your brand must be aligned with their values.

Valek & Co.’s branding and communication strategy experience includes work for Illinois HIV Care Connect, Illinois Women Against Cervical CancerIllinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program, Midwest Business Group on HealthMulherin, Rehfeldt & Varchetto (MRV) Law, Plumbing Manufacturers InternationalUniversity of Chicago Medical CenterUniversity of Illinois Medical Center, and Promet Energy.

Branding engagement deliverables generally include stakeholder research and analysis, market assessment and positioning, measurable communication objectives, communication strategies and tactics, brand attributes, mission statement, and graphic identity and tagline.

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