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APRIL 2008


·  Valek & Co. Coordinates Defibtech Donations to Maine Schools

·  IPHA, Valek & Co. Launch Illinois Women Against Cervical Cancer

·  Check Out the Penguin Weekly!

Dear Guest,

The past few months saw two exciting initiatives come to fruition. In January, Valek & Co. helped launch Illinois Women Against Cervical Cancer, a new program focused on educating women about prevention and early detection. In February, we worked closely with the staff of U.S. Senator Susan Collins and Maine Emergency Medical Services to coordinate the announcement of Defibtech's donation of 25 automated external defibrillators to Maine schools. Both initiatives were very exciting for the Valek & Co. team because they connect our efforts to the lifesaving work of our clients. We were able to see firsthand how our efforts educate people about cervical cancer and sudden cardiac arrest and, better yet, how preventive measures actually make a difference in people's lives.

Thanks again to Defibtech and the Illinois Public Health Association for giving us the responsibility to contribute to these important efforts. More information on both initiatives is below.


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Valek & Co. Coordinates Defibtech Donations to Maine Schools

Maine Defibtech Valek & Co. client Defibtech donated 25 automated external defibrillators (AEDs) for Maine schools in February. Presented by Defibtech CEO Dr. Glenn Laub, the donations were applauded by U.S. Senator Susan Collins and Maine Emergency Medical Services (EMS) at a school event in Carmel coordinated by Valek & Co. Defibtech designs and manufactures AEDs, which are portable, electronic devices that can shock a heart back into normal rhythm and save a victim of sudden cardiac arrest.

Attending the event in addition to Senator Collins and Dr. Laub were Maine EMS director Jay Bradshaw, representatives from schools receiving AEDs, state and local EMS personnel, and Defibtech representatives. News organizations throughout Maine covered the event, where school representatives had the opportunity to meet Senator Collins and receive an AED for their school.

Senator Collins is the one of the Senate's most ardent advocates of AEDs, having sponsored legislation funding the deployment of AEDs in rural areas and in schools. Defibtech - named the fastest growing medical equipment company in North America by Deloitte's Technology Fast 500 Awards - has won several awards for the design and cost-effectiveness of its AEDs.

The photo shows Senator Collins (middle left) and Dr. Laub (middle right) presenting one of the AEDs to Caravel Middle School in Carmel. Accepting the gift were superintendent John Backus (far left) and principal Rhonda Sperrey.

To learn more about how Defibtech AEDs make workplaces and public places safer, go to . . .


IPHA, Valek & Co. Launch Illinois Women Against Cervical Cancer

IWACC logo Working with its client, the Illinois Public Health Association, Valek & Co. launched the Illinois Women Against Cervical Cancer campaign in January.

Valek & Co. developed a brand name and identity, Web site, informational materials, and launch communication and public relations. Several central Illinois media outlets covered the January launch event. Team members on the project included illustrator Stephanie Holt and Web developer Maureen Baird.

Illinois Women Against Cervical Cancer is a group of concerned individuals and organizations including The Urban League, the Illinois Department of Public Health Center for Minority Health Services, and the Illinois Public Health Association. The group's goal is to eliminate cervical cancer by educating women about prevention and early detection.

The campaign's key message urges women to "live cancer free" by taking advantage of preventive and early detection interventions such as the new cervical cancer vaccine, Pap tests, and the HPV test.

The Urban League of Champaign County, Springfield and Tri-County (Peoria) is leading and coordinating the first phase of the campaign, which focuses on African-American communities in those three communities. African-American women are 50 percent more likely than white women to die from cervical cancer. Illinois Women Against Cervical Cancer plans to expand the program with the help of more community partners like The Urban League.

To learn more about how to prevent and detect cervical cancer, go to . . .


Check Out the Penguin Weekly!

The last issue of Mission: Communicate mentioned the Penguin Weekly, a publication edited by Erin Blaber, but did not include the Web link. The young journalist publishes the Penguin Weekly with her friends, including news, advice, ads, poetry, quizzes, art and fiction.

To learn more about the Penguin Weekly, go to . . .


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