Valek & Co. Celebrates Fifth Anniversary. Mission: Communicate! newsletter, October 2008

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  • Forty Clients Served Through Team of 22 Professionals
  • Ray Valek Contributes to Alerts About Health Care Risks
  • Five years ago today, Valek & Co. started with the simple premise that it could provide communication services better and less expensively than companies operating under the traditional agency model. A glance at the Experience section of shows that we have succeeded beyond our expectations, thanks to the trust placed in us by our clients and others who have provided us with opportunities and support - namely, you.

    For those of you who still have not acquainted yourselves with Valek & Co., I encourage you to browse our Web site to see what we have accomplished and how we might help you in the future. We have established a strong niche in health care but also have assisted clients in other industries.

    As for the next five years, we are ready to go wherever you wish to take us! Thanks for the thrilling ride so far.


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    Ray Valek

    Forty Clients Served Through Team of 22 Professionals

    Since October 15, 2003, Valek & Co. has served 40 different clients through a team of 22 senior-level professionals. Most of these individuals work as independents or within small companies (Norcom Design and Media Help!) that frequently partner with Valek & Co. As he has from the start, Ray Valek continues to personally provide writing, PR and strategic services for all clients and to be the primary contact.

    This flexible business model keeps Valek & Co.'s overhead to a minimum while allowing it to tailor teams that meet clients' needs. At the same time, this way of doing business gives Valek & Co. a range of expertise and resources that is difficult for even a large agency to match, especially at Valek & Co.'s price point.

    Ray Valek Contributes to Alerts About Health Care Risks

    In the health care industry, a "sentinel event" is known as an occurrence that can cause harm or death to a patient. To keep health care organizations informed of situations that can potentially lead to sentinel events, Ray Valek is a regular contributor to the team that produces Sentinel Event Alerts.

    The Joint Commission - an organization dedicated to improving health care quality and safety - publishes the alerts. Best known for providing accreditation services to hospitals, The Joint Commission provides a host of other services related to performance improvement.

    While the alerts are distributed directly to America's hospitals, the media often covers the alert topics, as well. Valek contributed to a recent alert about how intimidating and disruptive behavior on the part of health care professionals can compromise safety. The Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, New York Sun, Cincinnati Enquirer, Modern Healthcare, and Hospitals and Health Networks were among the media writing stories about this alert. Another alert to which Valek contributed covered the risks posed by blood thinners. US News and World Report, the Los Angeles Times and other media covered this alert.

    "I love working on Sentinel Event Alerts because my efforts result in communication that has the primary goal of preventing harm or death," says Valek. "Also, from a PR perspective, it's interesting to do the reporting that actually creates the news - and to be encouraged by the client to write about the industry in a constructively critical way. Most of the time as a PR professional, your job is to convey information in the most positive way possible. That's not the case with Sentinel Event Alerts. Their purpose is to describe risks in a vivid fashion - and to provide information on how they can be avoided."

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