Valek & Co. Creates Spanish Version of Illinois HIV Care Connect Web site, April 30, 2013

By Genevieve Valek

For the past several years, the Illinois HIV Care Connect Web site ( has been a valuable online resource for Illinois residents who have been diagnosed with HIV. It has become the "go-to" site for people in Illinois seeking information on HIV, due to its expansive information on treatment and prevention. The Web site provides those with HIV many resources to find good treatment and has become a model for how every state should build an HIV Web site.

Recently, Valek & Co. developed a Spanish version of the site that mirrors the English version and includes the same information and resources. With the help of Susana Galilea, Chicago-based translator, Valek & Co. was able to effectively create the Spanish site. Susana has a diploma in translation from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, and has been working in the field of translation and Spanish editing for several years.

Other skilled Valek & Co. team members working on the Spanish site were Stephanie Holt, graphic designer, and Maureen Baird, Web site developer. To see the final product, click here.

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