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Valek & Co. - Going On 10th Year of Spreading Knowledge
  • Valek & Co. Encourages HPV Vaccination
  • Valek & Co. Gains 138 Media Hits About Online Charity Web Site
  • October 2012 will mark the beginning of Valek & Co.'s 10th year. Our work for virtually all of our 45+ clients has had a common thread; we have been spreading knowledge on their behalf. This knowledge has pertained to treating sudden cardiac arrest, funding classroom projects, improving quality and safety in hospitals, encouraging HPV vaccination and HIV treatment, and much, much more, as our project highlights show. It has been thrilling to be a small part of the wonderful contributions our clients are making to society.

    The next two articles were written by Genevieve Valek, who is starting her sophomore year at the University of Kansas' School of Journalism. Her work also will be featured in upcoming issues. She also has been serving as Valek & Co.'s bookkeeper over the past few years.


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    Valek & Co. Encourages HPV Vaccination

    By Genevieve Valek

    Valek & Co. has been working with public health professionals across the state to step up efforts to encourage the use of the HPV vaccine, which prevents cervical and other kinds of cancer. Only about 25 percent of Illinois teen-aged girls have received all three doses of this vaccine, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    Working with the Illinois Public Health Association (IPHA), Valek & Co. helped to organize an April 17 summit, "Preventing Cervical Cancer and Other Adverse Conditions Associated with Human Papillomavirus," held at IPHA's 71st annual meeting. Speakers emphasized that HPV can be transmitted from mother to child during childbirth and through other kinds of non-sexual contact, including common playground behavior. Unfortunately, some parents associate the HPV vaccine with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and sexual promiscuity, conditions they believe will not affect their pre-teen and teen-aged children.

    In addition, Valek & Co. organized media relations and social media efforts for a series of events held across Illinois this summer to encourage the HPV vaccination. This work resulted in hundreds of individuals across the state attending the events and learning more about the HPV vaccine.

    To learn more about the HPV vaccine, go to, a Web site that Valek & Co. created.

    Valek & Co. Gains 138 Media Hits About Online Charity Web Site

    By Genevieve Valek

    A Valek & Co. insurance company client has contributed $1.3 million to school projects nationwide through online charity since February 2011. Through 2011 and into 2012, Valek & Co. has gained 138 media hits having to do with the efforts of its client and These news reports occurred all over the country on CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox TV affiliates and in newspapers including the San Antonio News-Express, Des Moines Register, Sacramento Bee, and Tampa Tribune.

    To achieve these hits, Valek & Co. worked with its client to organize 75 local media events and achieved almost two hits per event on average. At least one media hit was achieved at about 90 percent of the events.

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