What can we do to improve safety and health?
April 17, 2019   

Over the past several months, Valek & Company has been focused on serving organizations dedicated to improving safety and health in a variety of ways - by assuring the cleanliness of the water you drink, by reducing the risk of becoming infected while a patient in a hospital, by managing social and economic factors that can impact personal health, and more. It's an honor and a pleasure to work with organizations that have better health and safety as part of their missions.
I cannot adequately express my thanks to my clients and all of our friends and supporters who have referred work to us. We appreciate your thoughtfulness and professionalism.
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HIV Care 
Good Health Is More Than Health Care
Designed to help people living with HIV to manage social determinants of health, the Good Health is More Than Health Care campaign was implemented by Valek & Co. on behalf of Illinois HIV Care Connect.
The campaign's effectiveness was largely measured by the number of people living with HIV who took the Good Health is More Than Health Care Quiz, as well as by web page and news release clicks, social media activity, and media stories. The number of individuals taking the quiz was boosted by a promotion that entered respondents into a drawing for $25 Amazon gift cards, which were given to 20 winners.
Valek & Co. efforts resulted in media stories about the progress made in reducing the incidence of HIV in Illinois. The stories were developed by  WAND-TV, WSIU-TV, the State Journal Register, and the Bloomington Pantagraph.
Social determinants of health are the social and economic conditions in which people live, learn and work that have a tremendous impact on personal health. They include things such as a lack of regular housing or enough food, health care costs, language barriers, lack of access to dental and mental health care, child care responsibilities, substance abuse, transportation needs, difficulty paying utility bills, and more.

Safety Culture
Developing a Reporting Culture: Learning from Close Calls and Hazardous Conditions
Learning from close calls and hazardous conditions before they can cause harm is a critical aspect of creating a safety culture and nurturing high reliability within a health care organization. Valek & Co. contributed editorial services to the development of
Accompanying the alert is an infographic, the "Four Es of a Reporting Culture" - establish trust, encouraging reporting, eliminate fear of punishment, and examine errors, close calls and hazardous conditions.

Preventing HAIs and HACs 
New Ways to Prevent Health-Care Acquired Infections and Conditions 
New approaches to hand hygiene compliance monitoring can reduce infections, costs and other preventable adverse events, according to "Finding New Ways to Prevent Healthcare-Acquired Infections and Conditions," a white paper developed by Valek & Co. for Vitalacy.
Of all the patient safety challenges facing healthcare organizations today, the persistent increase of healthcare-acquired infections and conditions (HAIs and HACs) may be the most vexing. Despite all of the safety culture initiatives and awareness programs emphasizing infection control and hand hygiene, quality and safety leaders in all settings are still struggling with HAIs and HACs.
Health Information
and Technology 
Valek & Co. Contributes to HIMSS19 Communications   
For the 15th consecutive year, Valek & Co. contributed to the development of speeches and scripts delivered by HIMSS board members and executives at the HIMSS annual conference and exhibition. Events covered by Valek & Co. this year included all keynote sessions and the HIMSS19 Awards and Recognition Gala. More than 45,000 professionals attended the conference.
Valek and Co. has also developed case studies, blog articles, white papers, social media messages, and news items for HIMSS, a global advisor and thought leader supporting the transformation of health through the application of information and technology. As a mission-driven non-profit, HIMSS provides thought leadership, community building, public policy, professional/workforce development, and engaging events to bring forward the voice of its members. 
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PMI Media Panel
Valek & Co. Organizes Media Discussion at PMI Conference
As part of assisting 
(PMI) to prepare for its annual conference, Valek & Co. organized a media panel to help PMI members have fruitful relationships with media reporting on issues relating to plumbing, manufacturing and water.
Participating on the panel were Jen Anesi-Brombach, chief editor, Plumbing & Mechanical; Bret Jaspers, senior field correspondent, KJZZ Radio; Tara Lohan, deputy editor, The Revelator, Center for Biological Diversity, and former managing editor of Water Deeply; and Ashlei Williams, editorial director, Plumbing Engineer, and chief marketing officer, PHCP Pros. 
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