October 16, 2018  

Today, Valek & Company celebrates its 15th anniversary. What started as a dream to provide better value and quality to clients has become a track record of service to more than 75 organizations, business relationships turned into friendships, and goals achieved through outstanding communication.
To everyone who provided us with work, a referral or support: thank you! We owe our success to you. We did this together. Let's keep the ball rolling for many years to come. There is still much important work to be done. Let's get started today!
It all starts with a "Yes! And . . ." Starting with what you have and building on it. Lucky for me, I had all of you.
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Experience Value in Communication Services 
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Here are a few of the team members who contribute to Valek & Co. client work:

Judy Wohlt
is an accomplished communications professional with in-depth experience in public relations, corporate communications and marketing. She began working with Valek & Co. on Plumbing Manufacturers International business in 2016. Read more.
Maureen Baird
developed the Illinois HIV Care Connect website and is an integral part of the Plumbing Manufacturers International team.
Genevieve Valek
is a graduate of Illinois State University's broadcast journalism program. Genny has contributed her writing, voice and video talents to Valek and Co. clients including HIMSS, Illinois HIV Care Connect, The Joint Commission, and Plumbing Manufacturers International. Genny recently completed a term of service with AmeriCorps at the McLean County (Ill.) Health Department and is contributing to Valek & Co. while she searches for a full-time position. Genny's dual interest in communications and public health bodes well for her future.
Legionella: Just the Facts
Valek & Co. Contributes to Safe Plumbing Content About Waterborne Pathogen 
For Plumbing Manufacturers International, Valek & Co. developed search-optimized web content and a publication about the threats posed by Legionella, a waterborne
pathogen that causes Legionnaire's disease.

"Just the Facts: Legionella and Water Supply Systems" takes a deep dive into the subject matter, with 28 different publications cited as references. The content can serve as a core document for organizations wishing to prevent Legionella and advocate for water system safety. 
HIV is 'Getting to Zero'
Web Content, Social Media Developed for Public Health Campaign
For Illinois HIV Care Connect, Valek & Co. developed search-optimized content and other communications about how proactive HIV "treatment as prevention" can stop the transmission of the virus.
Treatment as prevention is defined as a doctor prescribing anti-HIV, or antiretroviral, medications to people living with HIV. This treatment lessens the risk of transmitting HIV to others. People living with HIV should take these medications every day, exactly as prescribed, to reduce or suppress the HIV viral load, or the amount of the HIV virus in the blood.
Illinois is among several states and cities that have begun "Getting to Zero" HIV initiatives to engage key stakeholders, gather community input, and develop a framework for an HIV treatment and prevention plan. 
Violence Against Health Care Workers A Common Problem 
Valek & Co. Contributes to Joint Commission Sentinel Event Alert   
"I've been bitten, kicked, punched, pushed, pinched, shoved, scratched, and spat upon," says a nurse featured in a Joint Commission Sentinel Event Alert titled "Physical and Verbal Violence Against Health Care Workers." "I have been bullied and called very ugly names. I've had my life, the life of my unborn child, and of my other family members threatened, requiring security escort to my car." 
The alert describes the scope of the problem and recommends actions health care organizations can take to make the work environment safer. 
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