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Web Designer/Developer Maureen Baird

Maureen Baird's work on Illinois HIV Care Connect ( has contributed to making the English, Spanish and mobile versions of this Web site primary sources of information for people living with HIV in Illinois. She is now working on upgrading the Web site using responsive design. 

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Prepared for a Crisis?   
Crises don't occur on your or anyone else's schedule or timetable. You need to be ready before they happen. Valek & Co. recently prepared a crisis communication plan for a global health care association. Learn more or contact Ray
Health I-T
HIMSS14 Brings the World's Knowledge to Orlando
The electronic recording and transfer of patient health information (health I-T) promises to improve health care quality while helping to stem rising costs. Having electronic information readily available can reduce the risks of medical errors and the costs associated with duplicate tests or procedures. Rather than waiting for a fax or a call from a physician at another location, the care team supported with health I-T has what it needs to take action.
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Writing Seminar
Ray can prepare a custom writing seminar tailor-made to the needs of your organization. A seminar of this nature can be helpful for staff members who have good language skills but are not trained as professional writers. To learn more, contact him


Experience Value in Communication Services
Health Care * Education * Technology * Science
August 19, 2014

Valek & Co. is looking to add clients and projects requiring a sense of urgency and the ability to take action. We love deadlines!

We hope to establish and build relationships with organizations that have needs requiring experienced professionals but a budget below what it would take to pay an agency or full-time employee. This is the gist of our value proposition. Learn more at Value Proposition FAQ

Ray Valek,, 708-352-8695

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Health Care Safety
The Misuse of Vials

Vials are bottles of various sizes used to store medications in hospitals and other health care settings. Physicians and nurses access and administer the medications in these vials with needles and syringes. A single-use or single-dose vial is designed to be used only once before discarding. A multiple-use or multiple-dose vial can be used more than once, as long as the vial is disinfected after each use and the medication is accessed with a sterile needle and syringe each time. A multiple-use or multiple-dose vial contains preservatives that extend the medication's shelf life.


The Joint Commission recently published a Sentinel Event Alert about how to prevent infections from the misuse of vials. These infections have adversely affected thousands of patients through occurrences and outbreaks of infections including hepatitis B and C virus, meningitis, and epidural abscesses. Valek and Company, Inc., worked as part of The Joint Commission team to develop the alert. Read the entire Sentinel Event Alert.  

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We're always looking for new challenges and more ways to help. Contact Ray or forward this e-newsletter to a
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Content Marketing
Every organization or brand has a story - and telling your story in a compelling way can help you reach your business goals. However, you have to be careful to tell, distribute and share your story in a way that is credible, relevant, and valuable to your audiences - and that invites their feedback. In a sense, you have to turn your story inside out - and tell it from the perspective of your customer. Learn More.



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