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  • Telling your story through content useful to your audience
  • Health care and you - the effort to improve quality, safety, access and cost-efficiency
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  • Dear Ray,

    Let's do great things together in 2014! To kick off the New Year, I'm sharing information on content marketing and the current health care environment that I hope you will find useful. I've made a resolution to use Mission: Communicate each month as one way of encouraging two-way communication between you and Valek & Co. and promoting discussion and engagement on common challenges. This discussion and engagement will occur via group and personal channels as appropriate. Let me know if there are any issues or challenges you'd like to discuss.

    Over the years, Valek & Co. has been proud to help clients produce and distribute content that adds value and relevance to their products and services. This content helps them to engage their audiences, drive action or sales, and achieve organizational or industry goals. Much of this content has addressed efforts to improve quality, safety, access and cost-efficiency in health care, thereby assisting physicians, hospitals and other providers to adapt to value-based payment models and accountable care. Other content has covered topics ranging from workplace safety programs incorporating automated external defibrillators to innovative classroom projects improving educational outcomes for elementary and middle school students.

    Sharing ideas and knowledge through the written word remains as vital as ever, perhaps even more so in this digital age. I will be contacting many of you personally to gain a better understanding of what you need and what you want to talk about and share with your audiences. I'm sure gaining this feedback will help me be of service to you, and may spark ideas for content for this e-newsletter.

    Best wishes for a successful new year.

    Ray Valek



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    Telling your story through content useful to your audience

    Every organization or brand has a story - and telling your story in a compelling way can help you reach your business goals. However, you have be careful to tell, distribute and share your story in a way that is credible, relevant and valuable to your audiences - and that invites their feedback.

    In a sense, you have to turn your story inside out - and tell it from the perspective of your customer. Explaining what your organization does only takes you so far. Telling why your organization does what it does and how it helps people is better. Creating a platform for one of your customers or advocates to tell or contribute to your story is best.

    Valek & Co. has helped several clients to develop regular content that adds value and relevance to their brands. See Valek & Co. project highlights. This content has included search-optimized news, Web site or blog content, executive speeches, bylined article placements, and more.

    Health care and you - the effort to improve quality, safety, access and cost-efficiency

    The media's focus on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) masks a much-larger effort that has been occurring for many years. That's the ongoing reform effort being made by health care organizations and consumer advocates to improve quality, safety, access and cost-efficiency.

    The ACA does add value and urgency to health care reform by adding millions of new consumers to the health care marketplace, by introducing new models of payment for services, and by placing a greater emphasis on provider accountability along the entire care continuum. In the future, providers will be compensated according to the population health outcomes they achieve, rather than solely through fee-for-service.

    Health care organizations understand that they must improve the value consumers receive for their health care dollars by improving quality, safety and clinical outcomes while slowing the rate of cost increases. Many consumers continue to have difficulty managing the costs of health care, especially when they have to pay premiums (full or partial), deductibles and co-pays. In an effort to save money and improve their health, consumers will be increasingly encouraged to become more engaged in making health care-related decisions affecting them - everything from what they eat, to how often they exercise, to where to have an MRI procedure.

    The big question is whether or not the combination of private- and public-sector reform efforts and greater consumer empowerment can slow spending and improve health outcomes enough to make health care more affordable. The stakes are high. Over the next few issues of Mission: Communicate!, I will be providing examples and summaries from the book, "Don't Let Health Care Bankrupt America," by former Kaiser Permanente CEO and chairman George Halvorson. Kaiser Permanente is one of the nation's most progressive health care systems.

    Health care and how it impacts our lives and economy is a topic of importance to all of us, whether you work in this industry or not.

    Tap into Valek & Co.'s network

    The Valek & Co. team has access to virtually limitless resources and ideas. If you're looking for a particular skill set or a bit of advice, let me know. You may be surprised at how we can help.

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