SPECIAL NEWS: Valek & Co. drives content of two significant healthcare Web sites. Mission: Communicate! newsletter, April 2007

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  • "Improving America's Hospitals: A Report on Quality and Safety"
  • MyBiopsy.org
  • Lovie wins poll, loses game

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    Two new Web sites have much of the healthcare industry abuzz, thanks to strong content developed by Valek & Co. and, in the case of one of the sites, the work of design partner Norcom, Inc. See the following two stories.


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    “Improving America’s Hospitals: A Report on Quality and Safety”

    Published by The Joint Commission,"Improving America's Hospitals: A Report on Quality and Safety" presents how American hospitals are performing against evidence-based quality and safety measures, showing improvements made and challenges faced. Valek & Co. contributed significant editorial services to this effort, writing original text for about 25 percent of the 100-plus-page report, including the Executive Summary and Key Performance Results sections. To be published annually, the report is a significant step forward in the reporting of hospital quality and safety performance.

    Norcom, Inc., designed the Web and .pdf versions of the report, with Web development services provided by American Eagle. The report was introduced to significant media interest, and the story ran in media outlets across the country.


    For the College of American Pathologists' new Web site, MyBiopsy.org, Valek & Co. wrote cancer diagnosis information on more than 20 of the more common types of cancer. Pathologists across the country are now using this information to help patients understand their cancer diagnoses and make decisions concerning treatment. Available in .html, .pdf and Word formats, the information can be attached to pathology reports at the time of diagnosis.

    The cancer types were chosen with input from pathologists, and these physicians also reviewed the final drafts, says College Public Affairs Director Maureen Buckley Jones, adding "it has been great partnering with Valek & Co. on this important project because they were very thorough and detail oriented."

    Lovie wins poll, loses game

    Lovie Smith's even-keel communication style was judged more effective than Mike Ditka's "in-your-face" style, according to the pre-Super Bowl results of the Great Communicator Face-Off, an online poll conducted by Valek & Co.

    Smith won the poll, 16-5. However, Coach Ditka remained superior (1-0) in the Super Bowl won/loss results, as Smith's Chicago Bears lost the Super Bowl to the Indianapolis Colts, 29-17.

    Among the pro-Lovie comments:

    "All season long, he showed grace when winning and poise when his quarterback threw the game away."

    "Give me even keel every time. Not for nothin' did Papa (Bear) hire Buddy (Ryan) first and make him a condition of employment for Da Coach."

    "He's not as bombastic as Ditka and treats his players with more respect. I also like the way he sticks by his players in the tough times. Although I must admit, it's not as much fun watching the Bears games without Mike imploding on the sidelines."

    Coach Ditka was not without his admirers:

    "Ditka is the almighty godking of coaches!"

    "You know exactly where coach Ditka stands. Clear and to the point."

    "The message is crystal clear with Da Coach. I must vote for Iron Mike: He's The Coach, after all..."

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