Lovie vs. Ditka: Vote today in the Great Communicator Face-Off. Mission: Communicate! newsletter, January 2007

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  • Who's the more effective communicator? Ditka?
  • Or Lovie? Vote today!
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    Go Bears! As a Chicago-area company, we're looking forward to Sunday. Vote today for your choice of communication styles -- Ditka's or Lovie's -- and tell us why you prefer one style over the other. Results will be reported in the next issue and selected comments will be posted on the Valek & Co. blog. Feel free to forward this e-mail to others, so we get more votes and opinions. Of course, the true test is this Sunday. Can Lovie accomplish what Ditka did and bring the Bears another Super Bowl championship?


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    Who's the more effective communicator? Ditka?

    In 1985-1986, Mike Ditka's in-your-face communication style spurred the Bears to a Super Bowl championship. The team itself adopted many of the Da Coach's personality traits, "struttin' their stuff" while piling large point spreads on their often hapless opposition. Jim McMahon, the Bears' punky QB, often was on the receiving end of Ditka's fury when he did not perform up to expectations.

    Ditka's entertaining, no-holds-barred style won the affection of Chicagoans, who pride themselves on their toughness and work ethic. Ditka has parlayed his brand into millions of dollars of endorsements. He still doesn't shy away from controversy and, despite his often outspoken views, still remains one of Chicago's most popular celebrities. Critics say that Ditka's antics were more of a hindrance than a help, and that his incredibly talented team won despite his style.

    Or Lovie? Vote today!

    Can you imagine Ditka coaching Rex Grossman this year? Current Bears coach Lovie Smith has used a much different approach than Ditka, patiently staying with his young quarterback despite a few abysmal performances from the "bad" Rex. However, the "good" Rex has proved he can put the Bears in the winner's circle, and Lovie's patience has given him the necessary experience to potentially win it all for the Bears.

    Lovie and Colts' coach Tony Dungy will be the first African- Americans to coach teams in the Super Bowl. An outstanding role model, Lovie always handles himself with dignity and grace. However, he doesn't have the larger-than-life persona or the potential for "going over the edge" at the slightest provocation that Da Coach had. Arguably, a successful Super Bowl coach needs to keep his team more on edge to achieve the top prize.

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