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  • Innovators Address Health Care Quality, Safety and Cost
  • Speech, Speech, Who Needs A Speech?
  • This Issue's Great Communicator: Anyone Who Tells the Truth
  • Health care reform is not dead - it has only begun.

    The role of government in reform continues to be debated, yes. But the challenge to improve quality, safety and cost-efficiency in health care will remain for a long time. Right now, health care spending consumes 17 percent of the gross domestic product, no other industrialized nation spends anywhere near that high of a percentage on health care; yet, the U.S. lags behind many of these nations on measures of quality, safety and value.

    There is a tremendous opportunity right now for innovators who are stepping up to this challenge. Valek & Co. is helping many of them tell their stories (see below). Let's talk if your organization needs further assistance in telling your quality, safety and value story.

    The story of how America improves health care quality and safety while bending the cost curve will be a primary, ongoing narrative of this decade. Now is the time to begin telling your story - what is your organization doing to meet this challenge of a lifetime? Valek & Co. can help your organization develop messages and direct them to your key stakeholders through traditional and social media.

    I've begun tweeting about health care quality, safety and value, as well as about media issues. To follow me, go to www.twitter.com/rayvalek.


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    Innovators Address Health Care Quality, Safety and Cost

    Several Valek & Co. clients are making innovative contributions to improving health care quality, safety and value. We are helping to tell their stories. How can we help tell yours?

    For example, the College of American Pathologists' My Biopsy.org Web site provides detailed information about more than 40 different types of cancer and related conditions, helping patients to make informed decisions about treatment.

    Defibtech manufactures affordable and easy-to-use defibrillators that enable lay responders to save the lives of sudden cardiac arrest victims in public areas, workplaces, schools and other locations.

    The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) is a major player in the national effort to improve healthcare quality, safety and cost-efficiency through the implementation of information technology such as electronic medical records, e-prescribing, and clinical decision support systems.

    The Illinois Public Health Association coordinates the efforts of health care agencies across the state through programs such as Illinois HIV Care Connect, holding down the cost of care through preventive efforts and making dollars spent on public health more efficient.

    The Joint Commission is a long-time leader of healthcare quality and safety efforts. In addition to serving as the primary accreditation body for American hospitals, this organization publishes an annual report on hospital quality and safety, disseminates Sentinel Event Alerts on urgent safety issues, and conducts many other important initiatives.

    Speech, Speech, Who Needs A Speech?

    Ray Valek loves writing speeches and he writes them very well, using his strong understanding of health care issues and ability to write for the ear. We can provide examples of speeches he has written in the past for various clients.

    If you have a CEO, board chair or another executive who has the opportunity to deliver an important message to stakeholders, give us a call.

    This Issue's Great Communicator: Anyone Who Tells the Truth

    When trying to persuade, it's fair game to present a one-sided argument based upon factual information.

    But when did it become OK to lie? Or to just make stuff up? Or to refute mountains of scientific evidence with an ill-informed argument?

    Worse yet, the people lying and making stuff up are supposed journalists and highly placed government officials.

    Americans deserve the truth and need to start calling out anyone who deliberately lies or misleads. Our democracy and freedom depend on it.

    Factcheck.org is a fairly balanced Web site, critical of individuals and causes on both the left and right wings of our political spectrum. MediaMatters.org and newsbusters.org are partisan sites critical of media coverage.

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