IPHA, Valek & Co. Launch Illinois Women Against Cervical Cancer Campaign, April 2008

Working with its client, the Illinois Public Health Association, Valek & Co. launched the Illinois Women Against Cervical Cancer campaign in January.

Valek & Co. developed a brand name and visual identity, Web site, informational and display materials, and launch communication and public relations. Several central Illinois media outlets covered the January launch event. Illinois Women Against Cervical Cancer is a group of concerned individuals and organizations including The Urban League, the Illinois Department of Public Health Center for Minority Health Services, and the Illinois Public Health Association. The group's goal is to eliminate cervical cancer by educating women about prevention and early detection.

The campaign's key message urges women to "live cancer free" by taking advantage of preventive and early detection interventions such as the new cervical cancer vaccine, Pap tests, and the HPV test.

The Urban League of Champaign County, Springfield and Tri-County (Peoria) is leading and coordinating the first phase of the campaign, which focuses on African-American communities in those three communities. African-American women are 50 percent more likely than white women to die from cervical cancer. Illinois Women Against Cervical Cancer plans to expand the program with the help of more community partners like The Urban League.

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