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  • Dear Ray,

    May the holiday season and the new year bring you -- and the world -- peace, love and understanding.


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    Ray Valek

    Give peace a chance

    An avid follower of the rock 'n roll scene, I have always been amazed at how effectively a power A chord or a great lyrical hook can form community. At row 5 center stage of the rock show, there are no enemies, only friends.

    As we enter this holiday season, our troubled, war-torn world again seeks community to transcend the differences that set us apart. I can't help but think of songs like John Lennon's "Give Peace A Chance" and Nick Lowe's "What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love and Understanding?", performed most notably by Elvis Costello and the Attractions.

    These songs communicate the one point that, unfortunately, is left off the negotiating table. What about peace? Have peace, love and understanding, indeed, become laughable? Are they no longer options? Or will endless conflict be the curse of humankind until a final war destroys us all?

    These are questions worth asking world leaders now. Peace, love and understanding need to become viable options for the world to survive. I don't know about you, but I'd feel better if the next world leaders' summit was held at row 5 center stage of a Drive By Truckers' show. Perhaps differences can be swept away by the power of guitars, a bass and drums.

    What's your story? Where good PR begins
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    To gain the best placement results, sweat the details upfront and build a strong story before you begin contacting the media. This effort will save you plenty of perspiration as you pitch - and help you gather plenty of clippings to show for your labor.

    MDI Access asked Valek & Co. to gain media coverage after the provider of high-speed Internet and direct TV services implemented Chicago's largest residential high-rise wi-fi system - a solution linking 656 apartment units in a 43-story building.

    Valek & Co. prepared a news release that explained the practical benefit of this solution to an apartment resident - no need for DSL, cable or a router - while highlighting how the new technology saved time, money and hassle for the building's management company. This approach packaged the story for both the consumer and business media.

    A few days before the news was scheduled for release, Valek & Co. contacted key reporters to "test drive" the story. These calls were valuable because of the feedback gained prior to release: a couple of reporters said they needed more hard evidence that was building was indeed Chicago's largest wi-fi system. To do the needed research and assemble the evidence, MDI Access and Valek & Co. decided to delay the news release by a week.

    This patience paid off. Immediately after release, stories appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times and Daily Southtown, as well as in several trade media. The Southtown followed up soon after with a feature story about MDI Access; another story placement resulting from the release is in the works.

    Team members contribute to Valek & Co. success

    Valek & Co. recently teamed with Pukelis & Lehrer Communications (The Message Engineers) and with Norcom Design to meet the special needs of clients. Ray Valek scripted a video news release and produced TV news b-roll for a Pukelis & Lehrer client. In collaboration with Norcom, Valek & Co. created a series of direct mailings promoting Joint Commission Resources' health care conferences and publications. Other Valek & Co. team members have provided services such as internal communication, management and marketing consulting, media planning, training, and TV commercial production.

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