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    Communicating A Simple Message
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    Valek & Co. was contracted by the state of Illinois to cut through the complexities of the new Medicare Prescription Drug Program and deliver a simple message: people on Medicare can get free help choosing a Medicare drug plan from the state's Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP).

    SHIP provides this free assistance through paid staff and a statewide network of volunteer counselors who have received special training on the new Medicare drug program. SHIP's Help-Line is 1-800-548-9034.

    The Valek & Co. team for this project includes NBC-5 (WMAQ-TV, Chicago) and the media planning company Media, Help! The team produced English and Spanish television spots, a statewide media buy, and various media materials for use by SHIP offices throughout the state. The TV spots are scheduled to run from March 8 through May 15, 2006.

    This project demonstrates Valek & Co.'s ability to build a tailor-made team that delivers what the client needs.

    Ray Valek Named to Gold Quill Blue Ribbon Panel
    Gold Quill

    Ray Valek will be traveling to San Francisco later this month to participate in the International Association of Business Communicators' (IABC) Gold Quill Blue Ribbon Panel.

    This panel convenes for two full days to judge finalists in 26 categories for IABC's Gold Quill, one of the communication industry's most prestigious international awards. The categories cover the gamut of all communication disciplines -- marketing communication, public relations, creative, advertising, branding, writing, electronic and Web communication, employee communication, and more

    "Most of all, I'm looking forward to seeing great work from all over the world," Ray said. "My work on the panel will help us keep our clients on the leading-edge of what's possible through communication."

    Ray qualified for panel participation by winning six Gold Quills in previous years and by being an accredited member of IABC.

    Great Communicator Spotlight: Your Favorite Teacher

    There's a group of Mission: Communicate! readers who attended high school together. We have often commented about how we have each been strongly influenced by one or two teachers in particular who made a strong impression upon us.

    One of those teachers is Tom Dedin, who is currently an athletic director at Regis University in Denver. Previously, he was the head baseball coach at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Lewis University and Providence Catholic High School. He also is an English teacher.

    Mr. Dedin took no prisoners in senior English class, leading us through a Heart of Darkness both literally and figuratively. His approach to writing the English language was the same as it was to baseball -- fundamentals and focus.

    We had to learn the rules of English grammar -- or suffer the consequences. The two most important rules: no sentence fragments and no run-on sentences. If you broke either rule on an assignment, you received an automatic "F." We made sure fragments or run-ons were nowhere to be found.

    His approach gave us a strong respect for the language and inspired a few class members to become professional communicators.

    What Do You Think?

    Tell us about someone you admire as a great communicator. We may include your response in an upcoming issue.

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