Why Valek & Co? Our Value Proposition FAQ

What is Valek & Co.’s Basic Value Proposition?

Valek & Co. delivers high-end communication services at a price significantly less than traditional agencies and less than a full-time employee. For example, most of our clients pay average monthly invoices in the $1,000 to $4,000 range for ongoing writing, PR, Web, social media or marketing services. Also, we prefer not to bill by the hour, instead preferring to set project prices or annual budgets. That way, our clients are not surprised when the bill arrives.

What Else Does Valek & Co. Do That’s Exceptional?

Ray Valek is personally involved in every activity the company does – he is the writer and client contact on every account. He doesn’t hand the work and account management down to junior employees like traditional agencies do. He has a deep understanding of the issues facing various sectors within the health care industry, gained from decades of experience in this space. Valek & Co. has served more than 40 health care organizations. We can communicate breaking health care news and content, without any learning curve.

Does Valek & Co. Do Anything Besides Health Care?

Due to the complexities involved in communicating health and medical issues, our work experience transfers well into higher education, science and technology. For example, our team members have completed work assignments for the University of Chicago, University of Illinois, University of Pennsylvania and DePaul University, as well as Plumbing Manufacturers International, Horace Mann Educators Corporation, HIMSS (global health information technology society), Interface, Inc., Deloitte and many other organizations.

How Can Valek & Co. Provide High-End Services at Low Prices?

Ray Valek and his team members are a closely knit group comprised of independent professionals and small companies. We invest our earnings back into our work, our clients’ best interests and our families, not into high-priced office space or corporate bonuses or perks. We don’t answer to anyone other than our clients and ourselves.

In addition, we keep our teams very lean. We rarely if ever have more than three people working on an account. Everyone on our teams contributes; they are on the team because their skills are needed – no one is there just to gain billable hours. See who we’ve worked for, and what we’ve done for them.

Last, our experience and knowledge enables us to work fast, which reduces hours spent on projects and our clients’ costs. We are oriented toward implementing tactics and finishing work, rather than lengthy processes. We provide wise counsel.

If Valek & Co.’s Works So Quickly and Charges Less, How Does It Stay in Business?

At any given time, we generally have several clients keeping us busy; we’re simply able to do more for them with the dollars they pay us. Our business model is win-win – our clients get quality work at lower prices, and we strive financially due to repeat business and referrals. Join the Valek & Co. network today! Contact Ray Valek.

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